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Nurturing mutual success through employee recognition programs

Building a culture around happy, caring, and respectful teams

Since 2016, Chocolate Soup has been driven by the belief that thoughtful gift-giving has a remarkably powerful influence on employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Our mission is to assist companies of all sizes embrace the ethos of “radical generosity” and magnifying the significance of recognizing employee milestones.

To build big things; you need to start with great people. People that are treated well and recognized for their efforts and contributions.

Over the years we’ve delivered thousands of LEGO™ minifigs and curated gift baskets because employee happiness is not just an idea – it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Companies that use Chocolate Soup witness a tangible uplift in their workplace culture, employee happiness, and engagement levels. And as an added bonus, their employer brand undergoes a transformation, becoming a beacon of attraction for top talent.

Our Values

Built on a foundation of our commitment to employee appreciation and recognition, our values drive us forward, bringing happier employees to more organizations.


At Chocolate Soup, we are committed to a human-centric approach that sees beyond job titles and embraces the essence of each person within an organization.

Recognition is Key

We champion work environments where acknowledgement is woven into the fabric of daily operations, because recognizing achievements goes hand in hand with building a successful and vibrant company culture.

Employee Empowerment

We believe that the strength of a company lies not only in policy, but in the camaraderie, support, and positive experiences shared among its people. Your reputation, after all, is a reflection of what your employees say about you when the doors are closed.

Our leadership team

At Chocolate Soup, our success is guided by a team of visionaries dedicated to transforming workplace dynamics and helping leaders improve their employee recognition programs.

Dan Silivestru

Dan Silivestru

CEO & Co-Founder

PJ Lowe


Megan Hall

VP, Operations

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