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Five ways remote teams can celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2024

To celebrate Earth Day, here’s a list of five ways your work-from-home and remote employees can make a difference.

We believe that every day is Earth Day at Chocolate Soup. But that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. There’s always room for improvement – from our suppliers to our office to shipping curated gift boxes to your employees.

We’re constantly working on reducing our environmental footprint. One example is working with our suppliers to help them transition to fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We focus on curating Canadian products made by local, independently owned, and diversely founded small businesses. 

To celebrate Earth Day, here’s a list of five ways your work-from-home and remote employees can make a difference.

Use active transportation to get to your home office

The commute for many of your employees has changed with working from home – but that doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of active transportation. Challenge your employees to use a mode of active transportation – walking, cycling, public transit, skateboards – to get outside for some fresh air and a mental health break.

Send a sustainable gift

We believe in the power of sustainable gifting to make a positive impact on both your employees and the environment. That's why we offer sustainable gift options to reduce your environmental footprint. By choosing eco-friendly packaging options and selecting gifts from local, independent, and diverse small businesses, you not only show appreciation for your team but also support sustainable practices. Let's make every gift a green gesture that inspires your employees to join us in caring for our planet.

Physically distant garbage clean-up

Every little bit helps—especially when it comes to trash around your community. Encourage your employees to go on a neighborhood garbage clean-up walk, whether as individuals or in physically distant teams.

Cooking challenges

Changing what we eat can go a long way to improving our environment. We’ve seen many of our clients host team cooking events. For your next one, try reducing the amount of meat and seafood in the options. Better yet, try some plant-based recipes that taste every bit as good as the real thing.

Who left the lights on?

Many of our offices have automatic light switches to turn off the lights when the meeting room is empty, but most of our homes don’t. Earth Day is a great time to remind yourself to turn off lights and other electronics in empty rooms in your home. With the longer days of summer, it’s a great time to turn off the lights, open your window shades, and let the sunlight in. (We think it’s even better than LED ring lights on video calls!)

Celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year

Making a difference every day is the best way to celebrate Earth Day year-round. Our friends at Porch have a great post with ways you can help make your home and workplace more sustainable.

Got an idea to make your home office green? Share on social using the hashtag #greenWFH!

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